• Education
    We provide cleaning services to schools, colleges and other local authority clients.
    A clean and comfortable teaching environment is one of the keys to successful learning. Your staff can focus on their teaching and your students can concentrate on their coursework. With Brightwise Cleaning working for you, you wont have to worry about maintenance. Let us create a customised and cost-effective program for you that will meet your facility’s unique cleaning requirements.
  • Government
    We can clean all goverment facilities of all sizes with tailored cleaning schedules for each site including janitorial and maintenance programs. Our programs provide public sector facilities with the flexibility and resources required to maintain a clean and highly efficient workplace.
    Our highly trained and insured staff are the ideal choice for recreation centres, libraries, administration buildings and a wide variety of other types of public sector facilities. Our team of professionals provide trusting, reliable and efficient cleaning and maintenance services on every visit.
    By choosing Brightwise Cleaning as your cleaning contractor, you can rest assured that your public facility will be maintained to the highest standards. Our services will allow you to create a healthier and more positive working environment for all your employees.
  • Healthcare
    Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, long-term care units, retirement residences and doctors surgeries require particularly rigorous cleaning care and treatment. Infection control, safety and a fresh, pleasant environment are all important considerations.
    All procedures, techniques, equipment and cleaning or disinfectant products are selected and maintained to provide the cleanest and safest environment for patients, staff and visitors.
    Since healthcare facilities combine both the challenges of high-traffic buildings and areas at high risk for cross-infection, the cleaning and maintenance model adhered to by Brightwise Cleaning is designed to provide strict standards of cleanliness and safety, while still providing a comfortable environment.
  • Manufacturing
    We offer hygiene management services to the manufacturing and processing industry and sectors.
    As you know, manufacturing facilities require a different set of cleaning standards & especially if they relate to food manufacture and overall Health & Safety. Meeting these unique requirements impacts your product and your bottom line. You can depend on Brightwise Cleaning to develop a hygiene management program that meets the highest standards.
    By hiring the very best cleaners, continuously training them in the latest techniques and actively supervising their work; we are able to ensure your highest standards are met.
    Our well-established relationships with cleaning equipment and chemical companies allow us to offer your business a strategic advantage.
    We’ll do everything we can to make your factory run more efficiently, adding value to your business and eliminating a management headache.
  • Motor Dealerships
    We can make sure your dealership looks it’s best. Our team has been trained to provide a detailed service. Allow us to build up your dealership presentation. We have the right cleaning products and cleaning machines to get the job done exceeding expectations.
    We know how to offer a reliable and seamless cleaning service as to not interfere with daily business operations.
  • Offices
    We provide comprehensive office cleaning services to companies across a broad spectrum of industries.
    No office is too small or too large! We are accustomed to providing an impeccably maintained workspace for everything from small one-person offices to large sprawling corporations. Our comprehensive cleaning is geared to your unique office needs and you may choose from a wide range of services and schedules for cleaning.
    Our services cover every inch of your office and building space,  from reception areas to washrooms from phone sanitising to light fixtures from hard floor polishing to window washing. We can help you with your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning needs; call us for a one-off deep clean or builders clean.
    We can also take care of some of the unique cleaning needs that a commercial office has. For example, our carpet cleaning and office window cleaning services are one of the most affordable services in the cleaning industry. Our prices are highly competitive.
  • Leisure
    We offer in-depth and professional cleaning services to the restaurant, bar and leisure industry.
    In this industry, the customer rules! We fully understand the challenges this presents and we’re well-versed in helping our clients deliver a positive customer experience. As they say, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and you can count on Brightwise Cleaning to make it happen right the first time. From restaurants to hotels and beyond, we are experienced in meeting the in-depth, round-the-clock cleaning demands of this industry. Our flexible and proactive approach will keep you on top and your customers coming back.