About Us

Brightwise Cleaning Limited has an excellent track record

Our professional Cleaning Services provide thousands of square feet of offices with every day service, both commercial office space and retail. Our clients range from large international organisations with highly specified offices to small companies occupying modest premises. Many of our clients have been with us for a decade or more.

Sensible pricing

We offer excellent value for your money. We may not always be the least expensive option, but in terms of achieving the high quality results you require, our price structure is very cost effective.

A smooth transition when we take over

Signing up with a new cleaning contractor has the potential to be fraught with difficulties, including possible disruption and uncertainty as the new contractor takes over. Often companies put off their decision and decide to live with the devil they know, settling for inferior quality as a result. Brightwise Cleaning strives to achieve a smooth transition from day one of the contract, with improvement the only noticeable difference. No nasty surprises – just better cleaning and better service.

We really want your business!

We want to win your business. We’re prepared to put a lot of effort into discussing your cleaning requirements, surveying your premises and ultimately presenting a thorough and – we hope – compelling proposal. Any great contractor/client relationship begins with a sales visit from a knowledgeable and understanding Brightwise representative. The quote you receive is for the services you need. No pushy salespeople, no pressure. Just a useful, professional discussion that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Personal attention from senior managers

Perhaps you’re used to dealing with an ever-changing rota of junior ‘Account Managers’ or ‘Customer Relations Executives’ who don’t know you, don’t know your business, and don’t seem to care. If that sounds familiar, our very different approach will be a welcome breath of fresh air. Our managers take a deep and genuine interest in all aspects of your cleaning operation. Hands-on attention. Frequent site visits. Not just at the beginning, but throughout the entire contract.

Enthusiastically recommended by our clients

Many of the current clients of Brightwise Cleaning will enthusiastically recommend our services. Often these customers have recommended our services to other companies that are in need of commercial cleaning services. We would be happy to have them contact you if you require.

Pro-active, helpful approach

We always try to be positive and helpful. You won’t have to fight us to get things done. Our managers, supervisors and cleaners all try to anticipate problems or special requirements. They will use their initiative to deal with situations as they arise and act swiftly and efficiently to resolve any issues. This means the amount of management time you need to allocate to supervising and monitoring your cleaning contract will be significantly reduced.

Experienced, fully trained cleaners and managers

We have a dedicated, fully trained team of Commercial Contract Cleaners, they are uniformed, fully supervised and clean to the highest standards. We can provide staff with registered CIS cards for Industrial cleaning on Builders sites. We have staff qualified for High Level work and a specialist team with Food Standards experience. Where possible the same cleaner or team of cleaners will clean your site every time allowing the cleaner familiarity with your requirements and allowing a higher level of security for your site.

Our team of Supervisors provide the link between our on site cleaners and our customers ensuring that the customers requirements are met at all times and any issues which may arise are resolved quickly allowing the cleaning staff to focus on the job of cleaning. They also complete site surveys on a regular basis dependant on both the size of the contract and the requirements of the client, this allows monitoring of standards of cleaning and allows communication with each member of the cleaning team ensuring a happy team.

The Management team oversee all projects and remain in control from inception to completion, whether that be a one-off clean or a long term contract. Each of the management staff bring different skills to the team ensuring that all aspects of any contract can be dealt with appropriately.

Advanced cleaning methods

There’s a quick way to do things and there’s the best way. We do things the best way. All the equipment and materials we use are carefully chosen to suit the job at hand. Many of our services involve innovative, state-of-the-art techniques, including Armex cleaning, Atex cleaning and Rotowash floor scrubbers. By using advanced methods, we are often able to save you time and money, as well as produce superior results.

Strong emphasis on health and safety

Brightwise Cleaning understands our Health and Safety obligations.

We have developed a full Health and Safety and Environmental Management System that enables us to work safely, protecting our personnel, our customers and the public.

Site Specific Health and Safety and Environmental Management Plans provide transparency and a point of reference for our Customers, while being effective in their purpose of reducing workplace harm and environmental impact.

Brightwise Cleaning provides appropriate Health and Safety training to all personnel through formal training programmes, which include induction training, practical cleaning training, proficiency assessments and annual upskilling.

Reduced Absenteeism

A clean and hygienic workplace is not only a legal requirement; it can also create a significant payoff in terms of improved staff retention and reduced absenteeism with fewer days lost to sickness.

Preventing Cross Contamination

Brightwise Cleaning uses separate equipment and colour-coded cleaning equipment to minimise bacterial and viral cross-contamination between kitchen, office and toilets.