Cleaning Services

  • Builders Cleans

    We specialise in builders cleans, giving new builds the thorough clean that they deserve before they are opened to public view and customer visits. Every detail is taken care of in our "sparkle cleans" and floors are cleaned meticulously for a flawless finish, handrails are left free of unsightly finger marks, and all work surfaces are left sparkling. Whatever the mess a builder leaves behind we clean it.

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  • Commercial Cleaning

    In industries where first impressions count and appearance is important we understand the pressures of being open to public scrutiny when your premises are open. These types of client are often from the retail or leisure industries and demand a high spec attention to detail so that all cobwebs and fingermarks are removed from surfaces leaving a "sparkle" feel to impress your customers both new and old.

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  • Event Cleaning

    We offer reliable and affordable professional event cleaning services. We have many years of experience in event cleaning and pre-and post-cleaning for any type of event or gathering - large or small. We work closely with events organisers across the country in various venues - indoors and outdoors - and we provide a full range of services designed to accommodate any type of event cleaning requirements.

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  • Industrial Cleaning

    Production facilities vary from the noisy dirty machines to the sterile conditions needed for high tech and food applications. We have specific teams able to deal with this wide range of requirements no matter how big the unit. We have experience in cleaning within most situations and therefore are able to offer technical solutions supported by expert knowledge from our suppliers.

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  • Office Cleaning

    A clean office is important both for employee efficiency and creating a favourable customer impression. At Brightwise Cleaning we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our comprehensive service list covers all of your requirements allowing you a one stop shop for all of your cleaning and consumable requirements.

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  • Specialist Cleaning

    ATEX vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning, floor care, grounds maintenance, monitor, keyboard and phone sanitizing, pest control, window cleaning.

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