Builders Cleans

What is a Builders Clean?

It is the clean we offer after the the builders are near completion, leaving the area fit for snagging and there after a Sparkle Clean.

What is a Sparkle Clean?

It is a clean we offer once all the site snagging is completed. We revist the site to give the premises a final once over.

We have many years experience of Builders Cleans and Sparkle Cleans. Our clients range from after tenant cleans to a large multi-national supermarket opening several new stores. This wide range in clients require different cleaning methods but all require the same attention to detail and same sparkling result. We have flexible staff who are able to fit in around your timetable ensuring that your deadline is met and your standards are kept.

We have acquired many contracts from a wide geographical area, our reputation has led to a loyal customer base who return time and again knowing they will receive excellent quality for a fair price. Our commitment to customer service is second to none, and we are proud of the working relationships that we form with all our clients.

We specialise in builders cleans, giving new builds the thorough clean that they deserve before they are opened to public view and customer visits. Every detail is taken care of in our “sparkle cleans” floors are cleaned meticulously for a flawless finish, handrails are left free of unsightly finger marks, and all work surfaces are left sparkling. Whatever the mess a builder leaves behind we clean it.

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Builders Cleans